Tiffany & Co. Presents the 2019 Blue Book Collection: “Tiffany Jewel Box”

NEW YORK, NY (October 16, 2019)

Tiffany & Co. unveils its 2019 Blue Book Collection: Tiffany Jewel Box, a study in virtuosity that showcases the earth’s most beautiful gemstones. A cross-section of art and science—the new high jewelry collection magnifies nature’s artistry. Drawing from Tiffany’s innovative craftsmanship, Tiffany Jewel Box encompasses a series of 11 brooches—each differentiated by design elements inspired by nature and unified by an accompanying bespoke vessel designed to house each brooch. Among the objects is a jeweled butterfly captured in a glass jar fluttering on an 18k gold twig and a dragonfly with custom-cut diamond wings taking flight from a sterling silver envelope. Handcrafted at Tiffany’s legendary hollowware workshop, the vessels are objects of beauty in their own right and are honored with the hallmark of “T & CO MAKERS.” For the first time in recent history, the Blue Book collection features watches inspired by the jewelry and men’s jewelry with a series of lapel pins and signet rings that elevate these classic designs.

“We wanted to create a collection that speaks to connoisseurs of the unusual and unexpected, to people who are looking for something they’ve never seen or worn before,” said Reed Krakoff, chief artistic officer, Tiffany & Co. “The labor and craftsmanship that goes into our high jewelry collection is truly extraordinary. The settings that hold these incredible stones were constructed with great care and technical precision, so that the gem’s beauty is perfectly framed.”

Within the collection are natures themes that share interwoven threads of continuous design elements. Flight introduces translucency as a motif with sterling silver and glass vessels, juxtaposing texture and form elevating custom-cut stones that seemingly float within the wings of the butterflies.

The Flora theme features surreal blooms in unconventional silhouettes. Blue sapphire petals graduate in color and are scattered across custom-cut sapphires and diamonds to provide a beautiful canvas for the soft petals. A stunning platinum floral brooch features an 18k yellow gold frame that holds the flower together, and blue sapphires contrast with custom-cut rose-cut diamonds to create a transparency that allows the color to come through. The fragile flower is nestled in a 24k gold vermeil crate that was inspired from a Tiffany archival design.

The Frame theme introduces a new Tiffany icon that illuminates the most spectacular diamonds and colored gemstones in a way that only Tiffany can. In this series, the frame motif showcases the inner gemstone that appears to be floating within these structured boundaries. An impressive 18k yellow gold necklace features over 40 total carats of diamonds in different cuts, including emerald, cushion, oval, pear and square shapes that exemplify Tiffany’s innovative design and craftsmanship.

Icons takes a unique approach by transforming Tiffany motifs—the heart and the star—into modern interpretations. One of the most intricate designs in Tiffany Jewel Box, a ruby heart of over 28 total carats is cut into individual jagged, unique shapes that appear as though they have been broken and lovingly pieced together and housed within an 18k yellow gold locket. Echoing this idea of reconstruction, Tiffany artisans modernized the celestial motif by creating asymmetrical stars from Rare Fancy Blue and white diamond platinum pieces. A series of pendants and earrings which are filled with diamond rondels that appear magically suspended—it is a fantastical representation of how true artisans effortlessly craft pieces of exquisite beauty.

Mosaic leads with a platinum and diamond-encrusted scarab brooch that grasps a spectacular blue spinel of over 7 carats tucked away in a sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil matchbox. Comprised of custom-cut diamonds, this object embodies Mosaic as a motif—featuring asymmetrical, intersecting diamond elements. Seen throughout the collection, this theme is as unexpected as the insect itself— integrated within the clasps of beautiful graduated pearl necklaces and echoed within diamond chains alike.

Sculpture serves as a beautiful summary of Tiffany’s wide range of designs that tie together several iconic elements. An 18k yellow gold handkerchief floats within a sterling silver and glass box with a striking emerald-cut diamond of over 5 carats nestled in its center—a found keepsake that safeguards a treasured jewel. Echoing the same fluidity of form, a bird brooch highlights the soft sculptural form of nature and nestles perfectly in a sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil birdhouse. Only upon noticing subtle, custom-cut stones tucked under its wing and tail feathers is one made aware of the quiet tension between the organic and sculptural.

The Ribbon motif highlights Tiffany’s unparalleled level of craftsmanship and introduces a rarely used gemstone: the black opal. One of the earth’s most exquisite stones, the black opal possesses an extraordinary display of color. A brooch featuring an oval cabochon black opal of over 37 carats makes an incredible contrast against the bright, angular baguette sapphire and diamond orbs which encircle the center stone creating a stunning visual statement. Fluid platinum settings boast painstakingly set ombré colored gemstones that unravel around the wearer.

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