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NEW YORK, NY (June 25, 2018)

“The workshop was created to facilitate robust prototyping in the early design stages, which allows development speed and flexibility,” says Dana Naberezny, vice president of the Jewelry Design and Innovation Workshop at Tiffany & Co. “We have direct communication in real time and we’ve removed organizational barriers, so internal colleagues and outside suppliers can work collaboratively to explore new materials, technology and processes to fasten the pace of innovation.”

The open-plan 17,000 square-feet space features custom mobile desk units to ensure employees can easily work in project-focused clusters. Multiple spaces were designed to encourage creativity, problem solving and collaboration, while glass dividers enhance the open feeling of the facility. Microscopes and other measurement equipment were installed to sync with audio-visual systems that assist communication to suppliers and Tiffany’s partners globally, adding another dimension to sharing images and feedback.

Included in the footprint is a fully functional workshop where highly skilled jewelers and model makers create prototypes and explore jewelry crafting techniques, design ideas and innovative technology. The workshop has 18 jeweler’s benches where jewelry work and precious stone setting are performed. In addition, the facility has 3D printing and scanning capabilities, laser welders, polishing stations, various lathes and metal working equipment, and an annealing station.

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