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Tiffany 1837™

An enormous brooch in the shape of a bird, encrusted in turquoise with ruby eyes and a diamond beak. A bracelet of seed pearls and enameling. An engraved gold locket set with a hand-carved cameo. These were the pieces in fashion when Charles Lewis Tiffany opened his original “fancy goods emporium” in 1837. Their elaborate design reflected a passion for complex floral patterns, fine scrollwork and animal themes. But it was with an eye to an altogether more streamlined aesthetic that Tiffany & Co. launched Tiffany 1837™ in tribute to its enduring legacy of the very finest craftsmanship and inscribed with the year of its founding.

The 1837™ collection is based on an idealized curve that is as pleasing to the eye as to the touch. This simple design makes a bold statement yet retains a certain style and sensuality that can be both seen and felt. There are limitless variations on a curve and its proportions, giving it, great adaptability and longevity.

The hallmarks—makers’ marks traditionally used by metal smiths to denote where, when and by whom a piece has been made, as well as the purity of the material—are the perfect embellishments for Tiffany 1837™. Hallmarks are typically discreet, hidden on the underside of pieces, so their decorative role in this context is quite special. These marks highlight the collection in sterling silver that was launched in 1997. The collection has since expanded to include 18k gold, rose gold, blackened titanium, stainless steel and—the latest addition—Rubedo® metal, distinguished by a sublime rosy glow.

Rubedo® made its debut in 2012 to celebrate Tiffany’s 175th anniversary, after years in development to achieve its exquisite hue. This unique alloy is lightweight yet strong, polishes to a smooth luster and is exceptionally flattering to the skin. Its elongated cuffs, sleek rings and pendants perfectly complement fashion in every season. Another motif, interlocking circles, presents a brilliant opportunity to mix metals. Lots of fine circles in silver and Rubedo® come together in an intricately woven yet airy-looking necklace, while slender bangles in silver, 18k yellow gold and rose gold create their own perfect harmony.

Accessories emblazoned with 1837™ include Tiffany Eyewear and a range of essentials for men. Throughout the collection, there is a simplicity that highlights the exceptional purity of the forms.

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