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The Tiffany Men’s collection, which launched in October 2019, is a world of essentials that’s inspired by Tiffany’s legacy of craftsmanship. It’s the next chapter in men’s jewelry and Home & Accessories, featuring designs created in the spirit of today’s style arbiters. Tiffany Men’s retains the timeless appeal that Tiffany is known for, infusing the right amount of edge in designs from the Tiffany 1837® Makers and Diamond Point collections.

Tiffany 1837® Makers was designed to honor Tiffany’s renowned hollowware workshop, where the luxury jeweler has handcrafted national sports trophies for nearly 160 years. Designers experimented with concave and convex forms, flat edges and motifs evocative of utilitarian hardware when creating jewelry, barware and more. Stamped with distinctive symbols, including “T & CO MAKERS,” “NY” and “AG925,” and “AU750,” the Tiffany 1837® Makers collection honors Tiffany’s silversmithing legacy and the fact that Tiffany set the U.S. standard for sterling silver (925 per 1,000 parts silver). The made-to-order Tiffany 1837® Makers trophy ring, fashioned from 18k yellow gold and sterling silver, makes a bold statement and echoes Tiffany’s history in American sports.

Where Tiffany 1837® Makers is artisanal and utilitarian, Diamond Point is edgy and graphic. Diamond Point features a pattern that is inspired by the culet of a diamond which appears as a subtle accent or a prominent overlay on jewelry and Home & Accessories pieces. The Diamond Point designs, such as the rectangle pendant in sterling silver, cuff in sterling silver or cocktail mixer in lead crystal and sterling silver—all modern expressions of Tiffany’s diamond legacy.

The Tiffany Men’s collection also features extraordinary objects that combine unparalleled design with expert craftsmanship. Available only for special order is the Tiffany Blue® Blatt Billiards pool table with Tiffany Blue® billiard balls, maple cue sticks and an American oak pool triangle—the ultimate gaming experience. The Tiffany 1837® Makers sterling silver and 24k gold vermeil chess set is an artisanal tour de force; Tiffany silversmiths spent 260 total hours meticulously handcrafting this impressive set. Transforming the ordinary into an extraordinary work of art, the sides of the chess pieces and board feature a wavelike corrugated pattern that gives the effect of cardboard—but made in sterling silver.

The Tiffany Men’s collection honors the brand’s longstanding history as the purveyor of American luxury goods, ushering in a new wave of men’s essentials and the next generation of men’s style.


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