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The Tiffany Bride

Two rings circumscribe the romantic ritual of courtship and marriage: the engagement ring that declares two will become one, and the wedding ring that commemorates the ceremony of vows. In between these two exchanges, the wedding arrangements are made. For over eight generations, Tiffany & Co. has been the premier resource for creating a wedding that best reflects personal taste as well as time-honored family traditions.

Tiffany’s expertise brings a sense of order to the decision-making process. That process begins with the selection of diamond engagement and wedding rings for which Tiffany is renowned. In 1886, the company introduced the Tiffany® Setting for diamond solitaire rings. This innovative design sets the diamond away from the band with six platinum prongs, permitting a more complete return of light through the diamond and maximizing its natural brilliance. Today the Tiffany® Setting remains the world’s most popular engagement ring style.

Subsequent ring designs further established Tiffany as the foremost jeweler for diamond engagement rings. Lucida® is a masterpiece of modern design, with a square mixed-cut shape and a setting of clean, sensuous curves. Tiffany Legacy® captures the opulence of the Edwardian period with a cushion-shaped center stone and a lavish setting with handcrafted milgraining. Tiffany Novo is inspired by the brilliant faceting and cushion shape of the Tiffany Diamond. And Tiffany Bezet is based on the traditional bezel setting that follows the contours of round, princess-cut and heart and pear-shaped diamonds. Couples may also choose from three-stone rings with their preferred combination of sapphires, emeralds and diamonds; Tiffany Celebration® rings; or the Sixteen Stone ring by legendary Tiffany designer Jean Schlumberger.

Couples are advised to think long term in choosing a ring. The diamond will last a lifetime and should reflect the taste and personality of the wearer. To better serve its clientele, the jeweler created “What Makes A Tiffany Diamond,” a presentation on the superior qualities of Tiffany diamonds and engagement ring styles.

The engagement ring and wedding bands are generally selected at the same time. Tiffany designs a wedding band to match every engagement ring, and that includes men’s wedding bands. When selecting a band, couples are advised to consider design, value, workmanship and comfort. The band should wear easily with the engagement ring and complement other jewelry. If the engagement ring is not worn every day, the wedding band may be more elaborate.

Other aspects of the wedding, from invitations and attendants’ gifts to china, crystal and sterling silver flatware, are consolidated in the Tiffany Bridal Registry. Tiffany’s experience in wedding invitations dates back to 1837 when the company was founded. The company has designed invitations for presidents, noted personalities and private citizens around the world. Along with thank-you notes and at-home cards, the invitation is the first stationery newlyweds share and should reflect their collective taste. Couples customarily select a white or ecru stock and choose typeface and ink color to convey individuality.

The registry also provides guests with the couple’s wish list from which they may select the perfect gift. In addition, Tiffany provides helpful information on gift-giving etiquette and takes care of all the details of presentation and delivery. In the event that a particular gift has been selected or the registry is fully purchased, the registry becomes a useful guide to the couple’s preferences in color and style.

On their wedding day, the bride and groom may choose to exchange gifts, such as a strand of pearls or an elegant watch. The shared joy and surprise is intensified by the Tiffany Blue Box®, a certain sign that only the best will do for this cherished moment.

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