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Tiffany T

Tiffany T is the first new collection created by Francesca Amfitheatrof, Tiffany’s design director.

Her vision is a pure one, expressed in the graphic angles and clean lines of Tiffany T. Its message is bold, unapologetically modern and fueled by an American ethos of design so considered and refined that it appears effortless. “The design pays tribute to the Tiffany name,” she says, “but there’s also a verticality and intensity to the letter itself that I associate with the energy and optimism of New York. And there is a lot of New York in Tiffany T. This is a place of courage and reinvention that constantly sparks creativity.”

Amfitheatrof was also influenced by having lived in Europe, Asia and Russia and her travels around the globe. “While I was designing Tiffany T, I had these global citizens in my mind, interesting, highly creative people who exist in every great world city. The strength of Tiffany T is appealing to these explorers, because this is jewelry enhances an already vibrant personality rather than simply being decorative.”

Tiffany T is made in 18 karat gold—rose, yellow and white—and sterling silver. Amfitheatrof took the strong, graphic form of the letter T and simplified, deconstructed, extended and bent it into jewelry that has an extraordinarily beautiful clarity. There are monumental hinged cuffs and minimal bracelets, chains of varied lengths and pendants, rings and earrings that are lean and confident in their sensuality. The designer also incorporated a warm white and stark black ceramic in some pieces. A number of diamond pieces are inspired by Tiffany archival sketches from the 1920s. “The drawings showed diamonds set in a very crisp and refined way that makes them feel immediately contemporary, and so it seemed like a natural fit for the spirit of this collection.”

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