Tiffany T

Iconic with a Capital T: The Tiffany T Collection

Connection, by definition is a bond—a single tie that interconnects a multitude of different people, places and philosophies. It has been inherent to Tiffany & Co.’s brand DNA since our inception in 1837 and it’s something we continue to celebrate today with the Tiffany T collection. As multi-faceted as it is iconic, Tiffany T represents connection in all of its forms. With designs ranging from subtle to bold; delicate to daring, each piece is as much a powerful talisman of strength, as it is a personal expression of style. Inspiring, empowering and above all, unwavering, the Tiffany T collection reminds us of the connections we feel but cannot always see.


The array of Tiffany T designs showcase bold and imaginative takes on the iconic “T” motif that has been used in Tiffany jewelry since the 1980s. Crafted from 18k rose, yellow and white gold, as well as sterling silver, there are designs with striking pavé diamonds, pieces set with precisely cut and highly polished stones—tiger’s eye, turquoise, pink opal and black onyx; as well as lustrous mother-of-pearl—all with their own imaginative take on the legendary motif.


With Tiffany T1, the latest evolution of the iconic Tiffany T collection, we celebrate our first connection: the one to ourselves. Echoing the first Tiffany T bracelet, Tiffany T1 distills an icon to its original form. Wrapping around the wearer in a continuous, unbroken circle, Tiffany T1 represents individual strength and perpetual power—worn outwardly to express what lies within.


Tiffany T True celebrates the idea of connection and the strength we find in love. Powerful, passionate and rooted in partnership, Tiffany T True represents one of our most special bonds. An iteration of the Tiffany T collection, True is composed of designs with interlocking “T” motifs—a modern reminder that without one, the other loses meaning.


Sparked by the universal symbol for joy, Tiffany T smile is a reminder of the strength we find in happiness and the connections it creates. Delicate but spirited, its curved motif mimics the very motion that inspired it. When words fail, a smile says everything.

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