Tiffany T

Tiffany T is an expression of love’s endless potential

Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany regarded Manhattan as the city of promise and possibilities—T is the embodiment of this indomitable spirit.

An homage to New York, Tiffany’s birthplace, the T motif reflects the city’s clean, intersecting lines. Each sub-collection—from T wire to T smile—is a distinctive interpretation of the letter T, crafted with the utmost precision. The collection’s sleek lines, pure in their expression, come to life in precious metals that are polished by hand for the ultimate shine. Tiffany artisans set round brilliant diamonds in a honeycomb pattern to increase diamond presence and maximize brilliance, and innovative clasps are seamlessly integrated for striking silhouettes.

A 14k gold bracelet with the letter T first appeared in Blue Book 1975–76, marking one of the first times a House monogram was used in fine jewelry design and preempting a desire for logos in luxury branding and goods. Inspired by this archival bracelet, the T collection launched in 2014. Each design since has evolved the T motif, showcasing the inventiveness of Tiffany’s craftsmanship and artistry.