Tiffany Knot

Tiffany Knot is an expression of love’s unwavering bonds.

Knot by Tiffany can be traced back to a bow crafted in 1889. Intricate yet elegant, delicate yet strong, a bow is a symbol of life’s most enduring ties. Whether generation to generation, person to person or individual to self, Knot embodies each meaningful connection: an expression of love’s unwavering bonds.

An interplay of opposites, Tiffany Knot’s collection of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings contrasts smooth, organic forms with striking jagged angles. Each Knot bracelet, the hero of the collection, features a hidden clasp that releases by pushing the knot motif downward, forming a knot that symbolizes the powerful connections between people and with oneself. On diamond bracelets, over 400 diamonds are hand set at precise angles in a honeycomb pattern that reduces the visible metal, maximizing brilliance.