Atlas®: Coveted Around the Globe for Over 25 Years

Introduced in 1995, Tiffany’s iconic Atlas® jewelry collection is a bold symbol of the luxury house that redefines the familiar Roman numeral motif in an array jewelry, watches and accessories. With an aesthetic that has gained an unmistakably Tiffany appeal over the years, the Atlas® collection is named after the mythological Greek titan who is depicted in a wooden statue holding a clock above the main doors of the Tiffany & Co. Fifth Avenue flagship store. The statue has appeared over the main doors of three historic Tiffany & Co. flagships—at 550 Broadway, Union Square and 37th Street—in addition to its current home on Fifth Avenue. This clever reference to Greek mythology represents the timeless nature of the collection as well as its impact around the world over the past quarter century.

In 1983, prior to the launch of the jewelry collection, Tiffany introduced the Atlas® watch, designed by John Loring, Tiffany design director emeritus. The timepiece remains an icon of style and sophistication, featuring an hour track of brightly polished Roman-numeral markers in high relief. For its originality, the Atlas® watch was granted a U.S. patent. Of his many Tiffany designs, Loring said this is his favorite because “it’s had such staying power and translated so brilliantly into jewelry that is a true statement of fashion.”

In 1995, Tiffany introduced the full range of Atlas® jewelry and accessories, and over the years, the signature Roman numerals has lent immediate recognition to the coveted collection. Reinventing the familiar into something far more exceptional, the signature grooves and cutouts of that make these pieces stand out have, quite literally, stood the test of time.

In 2020, Tiffany began phasing out the original Atlas® designs and introduced a bold new lineup—Atlas X—revolutionizing the Roman numeral motif. Injecting the styles with a powerful pulse and energy, the full range of jewelry, eyewear and watches are defined by strong contours, bold notches and striking pavé diamonds.

There are three different motifs within Atlas X: Closed, X and Open. In the Closed and Open styles, knife edge profiles—a Tiffany house code since the introduction of the Tiffany® Setting engagement ring in 1886—are pushed to a magnified scale for a bold, visual impact. Incised Roman numerals create sharp reflections and shadows that emphasize strong silhouettes. The X styles feature crisscrossing elements that reinforce the collection ethos in a modern way on earrings, pendants and more.

Within the range of Closed, Open and X styles, there are designs with diamond accents that sparkle with intense radiance. The Atlas X wide bangle and ring feature pavé diamonds that are set in a honeycomb pattern that maximizes the appearance of the stones and limits the presence of metal between them. Juxtaposing closed and open forms in a myriad of textures, robust angles and modern proportions, Atlas X offers numerous combinations for stacking, mixing and matching, and endless options for self-expression.

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