Since the very beginning, Tiffany’s point of view has been a uniquely forward-looking one. Founder Charles Lewis Tiffany sought to capture the modern world that was rapidly taking shape around him. With the Tiffany Keys collection, Tiffany & Co. honors his vision with a range of elegant designs that unlock the door to new beginnings.

Originally introduced in 2009, Tiffany Keys represent success, infinite possibility and the fulfillment of extraordinary hopes. They speak to our most audacious imaginings. Modern yet timeless, they celebrate individual style and life as a great adventure.

Tiffany Keys are created in a variety of styles that layer beautifully to reveal the many facets of self-expression. Among the designs are fleur de lis, trefoils, flowers and whimsical creations inspired by kaleidoscopes. Each is adorned with the dazzling diamonds for which Tiffany is renowned. In the great tradition of Tiffany, the artisans hand cut and set the stones in platinum as well as 18 karat yellow, white and rose gold. Keys encrusted with sparkling white diamonds ignite the spirit of independence and the desire to follow a dream. Other designs are accented with pink diamonds of a rich, saturated hue, or Tiffany Yellow Diamonds that radiate like the sun rising on a new day.

Whether they mark significant milestones, treasured memories or important accomplishments, Tiffany Keys are luxurious touchstones on the journey of life.Tiffany, Tiffany & Co. and T&CO. are trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates.