The Tiffany Setting

Setting the Standard: Tiffany & Co.’s Icons of Engagement

Tiffany & Co. is the authority in the world of love and commitment—a legacy that began in 1886, when founder Charles Lewis Tiffany famously introduced the iconic Tiffany® Setting. Seemingly overnight, Mr. Tiffany’s iconoclastic engagement ring, with its knife-edge band, six-prong setting, and sparkling center diamond, became the universal symbol of love and commitment that it remains today.

At the end of the 19th century, rings were heavily embellished with ornate details and gemstones set low against the band. Meanwhile, Tiffany and Co. was looking for innovative ways to showcase its diamonds. Not interested in overly elaborate designs and yearning to showcase his sparkling gems unlike ever before, Charles Lewis Tiffany took matters into his own hands to introduce a revolutionary engagement design, the Tiffany® Setting.

The first ring design to lift the diamond off the band, the Tiffany® Setting’s round brilliant diamond is held in place by six metal prongs at equal distances encircling the stone. The prongs sit flush with the diamond to keep it from moving, extending subtly over the girdle to prevent looseness. The setting is the ideal combination of prong security and light exposure, as the light enters from the table and crown wholly unobstructed. Where the prongs meet, there are small openings that reveal the culet, or the tip of the diamond, making the stone appear as if it is floating.

After making its debut, the revolutionary design was so coveted that Tiffany and Co. had to release statements warning customers against counterfeits. Today, the Tiffany® Setting remains as indelible as it was at the turn of the 20th century—its permanence in the world of engagement ring cannot be overstated. Beginning in May 2021, Tiffany will once again pioneer a new era of love with the equally revolutionary debut of the Charles Tiffany Setting engagement ring for men. 

The Charles Tiffany Setting, named after and paying homage to Tiffany’s founder, is the House’s first men’s engagement ring. Rather than lifting the diamond up high above the band, as the ring’s famous sister does, the solitaire diamond is inlaid within the signet-inspired band. Its strong, architectural forms and clean contours make the Charles Tiffany Setting an apt design for men today who want to wear a sparkling diamond as unique as their love. Together with the Tiffany® Setting, both designs are symbols of the House’s authority in crafting the finest diamonds and its legacy as enduring as love itself.


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