In matters of the heart Tiffany & Co. has no equal. Its founder Charles Lewis Tiffany introduced the engagement ring as we know it today. The Tiffany® Setting is the most beautiful ring the world has ever seen. With its debut in 1886, the setting quickly became the quintessential engagement ring. No single jewelry design has enjoyed such profound influence or universal popularity.

It was the first ring design to lift the diamond off the band, maximizing the stone’s natural radiance. Previously, diamond rings were set in bezels. But Mr. Tiffany’s ring was designed to highlight the extraordinary beauty of brilliant-cut diamonds. The innovative setting of six platinum prongs and brilliant-cut stone produces a ring of dazzling charisma, reflecting Tiffany’s reputation for the highest quality diamonds. Elevating the stone celebrated the diamond as never before. The setting’s introduction was a milestone in jewelry design and made Tiffany the world’s premier jeweler for diamond engagement rings.

At the time the ring was introduced, a mere 50 years after the company was founded in New York City, Tiffany had become the world’s premier diamond jeweler. Mr. Tiffany had introduced major gemstones to the United States with jewels purchased from Europe’s royalty. This masterly coup was followed by the acquisition of the rough stone that became the 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, the rarest and most beautiful fancy yellow diamond in the world.

In 1887 he shocked the world by acquiring the French Crown Jewels at the greatest gem sale in history. Back in his New York City studio he commenced to create spectacular tiaras, necklaces and diamond ornaments that lit up society’s galas and defined the new American luxury. Many of these designs were worn as bridal jewels that complemented the Tiffany® Setting.

Now as then, couples the world over equate the intense sparkle of the Tiffany® Setting with true love, joy and optimism. Their delight in this legendary ring set the standard for every Tiffany ring that followed. Each design embodies the defining moment when two people vow to share their hopes and dreams and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

To this day, the Tiffany® Setting is the most sought-after symbol of true love, with a legacy that has been celebrated in film, art and literature. The poetry and romance of these great works are wrapped along with the ring in the famous Tiffany Blue Box®. Nowhere in myth or reality is there a more emotionally charged package. Its presentation lingers in memory for a lifetime.TIFFANY, T&CO., TIFFANY & CO., the TIFFANY SETTING and the TIFFANY BLUE BOX are trademarks of Tiffany and Company and its affiliates.