FL 1: The World of Tiffany

Upon entering the new store, clients are immediately immersed in an expansive main floor of jewelry cases illuminated by an innovative light installation. The new “skylight” is a rectangle shape with glass fins arranged in a diamond shape.

A 22-ft rectangular “Diamond Skylight” art installation by Hugh Dutton illuminates the space, evocative of light beams shining through the facets of a diamond.

Two vitrines on each main focal wall showcase two of Tiffany’s most 
prestigious treasures:

  • The Tiffany Diamond
  • The Medusa Pendant (1902-1904), a Louis Comfort Tiffany design that was recently acquired by The Tiffany Archives in 2021.

Visitors are immersed in idyllic New York City scenery through mirror walls with arches reminiscent of iconic New York buildings. The arch windows transform into video wall installations, projecting views of Central Park and the Manhattan skyline when turned on and serving as mirrors when turned off.

The digital content was created by artist Oyoram Visual Composer.