Tiffany sterling silver jewelry accents fashion with a sleek, elegant beauty that reflects the company’s heritage as of one of the world’s leading silversmiths.

The jeweler’s standard for silver — 925 parts per 1,000, the same as English sterling — was established in the 1850s and was eventually adopted by the United States, enhancing Tiffany’s growing reputation for quality and design excellence.

The great world’s fairs of the late 19th century further established the jeweler’s prominence. At the 1878 Paris fair, Tiffany became the first American silversmith to be awarded the Grand Prix for excellence. Following the exposition, Tiffany was appointed jeweler to many of Europe’s royal houses, and went on to win gold medals at world’s fairs well into the 20th century.

With these historic achievements, Tiffany became a world-class premier jeweler and master of American silver design, renowned for its ingenuity in creating the next great design. A number of the jeweler’s silver creations hold this distinction. Among them are Tiffany Notes, etched with ‘Tiffany & Co.’ and ‘727 Fifth Avenue, New York’ in elegant, free-flowing script as uniquely expressive as a hand-addressed invitation; and an array of charms of Tiffany’s icons or shapes universally familiar that, in jewelry’s best tradition, are lifelong keepers of memories and emotion.

These join such classics as the Atlas® collection, inspired by the bold, expressive Roman numerals that are the key design element in the patented Atlas® watch; Tiffany 1837™, with the jeweler’s founding year and symbol of craftsmanship emblazoned on hip urban hardware; and Return to Tiffany™, that captures the jeweler’s legacy with just one phrase, beautifully inscribed on polished silver surfaces with a clean fashion edge.

Celebrated for giving sterling silver its high-fashion status, Elsa Peretti creates a range of must-have jewelry in sculptural, organic shapes, from beans and teardrops to her famous Bone cuff, chic Sevillana™ collection and silky smooth Open Heart. Each motif gleams with the sheer simplicity and effortless ease for which Elsa Peretti is recognized all over the world.

These striking silver collections shine with a powerful presence, a signal of finest Tiffany quality and design innovation evolving with the vibrant motion of modern life.TIFFANY & CO., TIFFANY, ATLAS, TIFFANY 1837 and RETURN TO TIFFANY
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