Tiffany & Co. Celebrates Love and Inclusivity with the Launch of Men’s Engagement Rings

Jun 1, 2021 — The new collection is a welcome addition to the House’s Love & Engagement offerings.

As a reflection and celebration of today’s modern love in all its forms, Tiffany & Co. is widening its robust selection of diamond rings with the addition of the Charles Tiffany Setting—a men’s engagement ring collection. A first for the luxury jeweler, the lineup offers a new means of expressing one’s love and commitment, signaling a new chapter in inclusive offerings that champion this sentiment.  

Dashing designs and artisanal excellence  

Named after founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, the assortment represents the jeweler’s signature aesthetic. Sleek, and unmistakably modern, the carefully crafted designs echo the refinement of its sister engagement ring, the Tiffany® Setting. 

Reminiscent of a signet silhouette, the titanium and platinum rings offer an eye-catching take on classic men’s style with dynamic contours and meticulous craftsmanship. Set with an exquisite center diamond, the emerald and square-emerald cut styles were chosen for their architectural forms, while the round brilliant styles offer a classic cut. Brilliant round diamonds feature a crisp knife-edge band while the emerald-cut diamond boasts strong, beveled edges. 

Before any of these tokens of affection adorn the ring fingers of men around the globe, they’re responsibly sourced and crafted. We are able to provide our clients with information about their diamond, from its region or countries of origin to the place where it was cut and polished, graded and set. This level of transparency reassures wearers, in turn, cultivating trust and loyalty—two qualities that also exemplify a harmonious union.

The Charles Tiffany Setting honors the House’s long-standing legacy in love and inclusivity, ushering in new practices for companions to mark their unyielding bond for years to come.