Nature Unbound: A Sneak Peek at Tiffany & Co.’s New Blue Book Collection

Nov 24, 2020 — A “by the numbers” snapshot of the 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature, illustrates a dynamic blend of legacy design and innovation.

Deeply identified by its long and storied history of technical innovation and dazzling jewelry design, Tiffany & Co. continues to demonstrate its expertise in the world of high jewelry with the upcoming introduction of its newest collection, Colors of Nature.

The spellbinding beauty of the natural world inspires the collection’s vibrant palette of rare gemstones and diamonds, mixed in uncommon combinations that venture outside of the more traditional vernacular of high jewelry. Pieces transform for multiple modes of wear, making the designs surprisingly versatile. This inherent flexibility belies the house’s belief that extraordinary designs should not be reserved for extraordinary occasions.

Here’s a glimpse of the numbers behind the bejeweled creations: