Tiffany & Co.’s 2021 Blue Book Colors of Nature Collection Shines a Spotlight on Jean Schlumberger’s Thistle Necklace

May 4, 2021 — The nature-inspired design encompasses the visionary designer’s trailblazing aesthetic.

Groundbreaking and striking, the Tiffany & Co. Schlumberger® Thistle necklace is one of the latest creations to honor and encapsulate Jean Schlumberger’s enduring legacy. 

The resplendent piece was showcased at Tiffany’s largest exhibition of high jewelry in China recently as part of its 2021 Blue Book Collection, Colors of Nature. The collection expresses the natural world’s magnificent beauty in four themes: Earth, Land, Sea and Sky.

Taking more than two years to create by hand, the necklace highlights the bristly thistle flower’s unique shape, which buds from perennial plants characterized by leaves with sharp, protective prickles. The flower’s silhouettes and stages of growth spring to life in the rare piece, designed to encircle the neck effortlessly. Each one-of-a-kind thistle bud burgeons as though picked fresh from a field of wildflowers, inviting wearers on a journey through nature.

A lifelong nature enthusiast, Jean Schlumberger forever transformed high jewelry with his vibrant visions of flora and fauna. This piece fits into that imaginative world splendidly. Inspired by the earth’s natural landscape, the Thistle necklace reflects the lushness of the botanicals that stretch across the land.

Artisans meticulously used gold wire to tether each sparkling diamond element together, delicately layering in textures, dimensions and shadows. This level of craftsmanship requires the utmost precision and dexterity to ensure each diamond is perfectly set for optimal appeal and wearability.

Two distinctly different yet equally exquisite Thistle earrings pair with the alluring wildflower necklace. Both earring styles are alight with brilliant round diamonds set in platinum, artfully accentuating the flower’s enchanting contours.

The Thistle necklace’s fluidity exemplifies Jean Schlumberger’s talent for creating extraordinary designs that mirror the natural world’s constant motion and growth. Finding art in the environment is at the core of the collection and is one of Schlumberger’s everlasting gifts. Today, the Thistle necklace is one of those treasures and shines gloriously in the spotlight.

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